Narc-K revolving circle

I love the way some of the news channels have highlighted the story on Narc Kenya getting itself new officials. There isn’t anything new or anything to celebrate anyway. Despite the fact that Hon. Moody Awori has made it known that the party will hold its election by the end of June, the party still has wenyewe (its owners). The new party leadership just reminds you of those women chamas (groups) in the village where they contibute money and then one of them gets the money after a week. Actually at the end of it all, you get the same amount of money you contributed. Beats a lot of logic if you asked me.

The party from its leadership looks like a government outfit which will be dtrimental to most of the sitting MPs as they may loose their seats because they are associate with the government. If Kenyans choose to vote out the government it will be definite that they will be voting out Narc-K.

It could have been wiser to include some of those unknown faces that would want to vie for parliament in December. At least the party should have given three of the 8 deputy chairs to aspiring candidates. But then again the aspirants want to vie against the siting MPs. It wouldn’t have hurt to include some of the activist like Ms. Wambui because Kenyans are looking out for the difference.

Anyway lets wait and see what new thing Tuju and his team can give or tell us.


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