The fight on terrorism too …..

When I read the story on the Mombasa dawn raid on the nation newspaper website, I felt that my fellow countrymen’s rights and freedom were being infringed for no reason at all. I am not at all against the fight against terrorism but I tend to think that though we have had minors been used terrorist attacks, the arrest of the 15 year old raises more questions than answers. I have a problem with the way that we have apporached the fight against terrorism as a country.

The manner in which the security officers carried out the raid is also questionable. Even if it a matter of national security raiding people’s houses at dawn and making them lie down, allegedly, in the rain is human torture. I must remind the Commissioner of police and his officers that we do not expect such kind of action in a democratic state. Kenya is not a police state and therefore we do not expect such act as that of Wednesday morning.

I think the Miinister for Internal Security and all those other under him are always trying to shift our focus from the ongoing chaos in Kiambu and Mt.Elgon. At one time we them detain media personnel for reports they do not have yet they have the intelligence unit. The we have the minister going to discuss international terrorism in the US while Kenyan terrorist in the name of Mungiki are killing other Kenyans mercilessly. Next we have the Police Commissioner making law that he will put you in if you are criticising the president (I just wonder who made him parliament).

If Kibaki cares for this country he should show it by working on all this guys. We need sober leadership in our security detail as a country.


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