Are sexual rights human rights

I am just from a debate by the Centre for rights, education and Awareness (CREAW) and my university’s student government, Daystar University Student Association (DUSA). The debate centered around the title above started at a low note though it managed to heat up with both confusion and intellect.

I am of the belief, as I shared in the debate, that you cannot separate any right from the rest and sexual rights are in deed human rights. I believe that if we identified sexual rights as human right long ago, then we would not be having the debates on affirmative action or % representation in leadership and public sector or the boychild vs the girlchild. I believe that having sexual rights as human rights is the best and only way that will help many view the woman as an equal being.

But I must add that all rights are dependent of other rights and thus we should uphold all of them in totality. And with all these rights, comes responsibility.


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