What if we talked

The last few days have been very interesting. Some kind of revelation has been dawning to me in a special way. And I have shared it out with some people here and there. I think we are making too much noise – leaders and public – in expense of the development of us, others, our nation and the rest of the world. We have for many years engaged in what I call “it is your fault” game rather than sitting down recollecting, evaluating and charting future paths for our relationships, businesses, professions, country etc.

As a Christian I believe that God has placed in us a portion of wisdom regardless of whom you are. In other world due to His fair nature God made us all wise and it is up to us to use this wisdom wisely to discern other people’s contribution. The problem with our country is not leadership but leadership without direcion and responsibility coupled up with misinformed and ignorant citizens. It is important for us to stop all this shouting and start talking with each other for the development of this country and its citizens. I believe from the developments in Narc Kenya this weeks and the forward movement in the constitution and minimum reforms debate, it is possible for us to sit down as Kenyans and chart ways forward.

It is important that instead of heckling in political rallies attracting crowds with noe voting capacity, politicians come together and discuss with this same people their needs and expectations. This will give Kenyans and indeed politicians operational structures and perimetres under which to operate in terms of national development.

In conclusion, Leadership requires wisdom and we all have it and thus all of us can be leaders in our different capacities with leadership to ourselves been the most important.


One thought on “What if we talked

  1. My perception is that the problem with our country is simply and squarely a lack of leadership. We have men and women who run for office with their own personal agendas in mind. Leadership is about who you are rather than the initials that come after your name. Being addressed as MP does not qualify you to be a Massive Plunderer (MP) of the interests of your country and constituents. Leadership starts in personhood – a good man makes a great leader; a corrupt man makes an oppressive leader.

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