We can do Better

For another year, the Drama Festivals have come, talent has been showcased and now all schools start to prepdrama2.jpgare for the Music Festivals to be held in the second term. The display of talent at this year’s drama festivals was captivating and overwhelming – just like other years. I would like to congratulate all those students who took the stage right from the zonals levels. Not many can withstand the pressure and thus all of you are winners.

But I must express disturbance in that these young talents will have to contend with the glory of beating other schools just like many of us when we participated at the event. In other words, more needs to be done to tap and even nurture the talent displayed on the various performance halls around the country.

To echo president Kibaki’s sentiments, the media should be in the forefront by encouraging the production of local programmes. Other sectors, including the government should also not shy away from this responsibility. We can do a great deal with this talents…we could even initiate scholarship for best performers or such a thing. What about even having in the curricullum issues pertaining to theatre arts.

We know it happens because we have been there…some of this dances, plays, chorals are written and directed by the students themselves. Costumes are also designed by students. We may be wasting this country’s future professional when we choose to turn a short-sighted eye to drama festivals and treat it as just any other out of class activity. This too goes without say for sports. The national schools ball games are near a close drama.jpgnow and we need to see more than just trophies for this youngsters. Evidently, the national volleyball team has performed well in the past partly due to efforts of high school students.

I thinks instead of thinking about hummers and hammers…may be we should think more seriously of drama…anyone notived that sentence kinda rhymes. So instead of spending days debating on minimum reforms that will not put food on Wanjikus table…or debating whether Wangui should be going out with Artur that we will never come to determine… maybe we could put our heads together and discuss ways into which we can improve our performing arts from the grassroots level.

The Kenyan Television industry is spending so much in importing foreign productions that we pay for dearly in terms of advertising. May be time has come for us to exploit other countries including those mexicans who make women and some men cry over stories. I believe if the talent that have been displayed in the Drama Festivals over the years can be tapped and turned into productions then we could be headed somewhere as a country. We have the potential and even the resources, we just need structures and committment.


One thought on “We can do Better

  1. Kenyans are so good on stage,( although, they get confused behind cameras). I am happy to see some improvement over the years. I am a thespian myself(dormant one at the moment) but i can justify that the media has helped tap these growing talents, in local production (Wingu la moto, better days, others in KBC, PSAs, and Ads) Talk of Victor Gatonye, Andrew & Reuben Odanga, these are upcoming polished thespains who laid foundations in high school drama.

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