I hate spoiling the party

I hate to be the one spoiling the party for those opposed to the results of the recent Steadman poll. As we all know I am a journalism student who works with a student newspaper in one of the local universities. And as they say, journalists(not all) seem to have a sixth sense that helps them make judgement by reading in between the lines. That is a story for another day.

During the last week of February we ran a survey to see the voting patterns among 200 of the university’s student population of close to 3000. This was to be published in the student newspaper but the university policy didn’t allow us to do so. Being in a University which admits people of different walks of lives and from different corners of this country, I could term the poll as authoritative. Compared to the Steadman Pol, we had a larger sample though they could challenge our demographics.

But I can quickly go through the highlights. The poll put President Kibaki ahead as the most favourable candidate with 49%, Hon. Kalonzo came in second with 27%, Hon. Raila had 10%, Hon. Uhuru 6% while the rest had 1%. However, Kibak’s government was rated as doing poorly in tackling the high levels of securrity, corruption, poverty and unemployment.
They say that numbers speak for themselves and so I think those doubting the poll should take it as a wake up call and maybe evaluate themselves and see where they or their prefered candidate has gone wrong.

Though I don’t support the government or the opposition as per now, I think it is important for us to note that the country’s leadership is not a trivial thing and thus we should not make haste decisions on it. It should not even be compared to owning a hummer or even a hammer. Actually come to think of it – which is better a hummer or a hammer? I think it depends on how you use either.

It is good to prepare for elections, but the more we politic, the less time we will have to work on the development of this country.
Like me wait for December and make the decision on who you will vote as president.


As you may have noted. This post comes after over a month…forgive me…but let me make an executive announcement…I am back


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