What Human Rights?

The human rights watchdog in Kenya, has been here and there, out to try and prove that the killing of one of the most wanted gangsters in present day Kenya by the police was wrong or as they say “against the rights of Matheri as a human being”. This is not even the first time that the commission has loudly protested the killing of criminals by the police. This morning as my friend and I were discussing the issue after reading the day’s newspaper, we started wondering aloud the reason to why, when thugs kill innocent Kenyans, The rights body does not call the media to express their discontent in the activities of the thugs.
In my opinion, the body needs to allow the police to do their work and not to try and gain public support by showing how the police were wrong in killing the kind of “Matheris” in the society. if the commission really cares about the human rights of Kenyans then, we may need to get statements from them whenever thugs take another innocent life.
I was believe that those who live by the sword, die by it. And thus Matheri and those others that went down with him got what they deserves.


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