Media Propelling Vices

I have been battling with this theory which I shared out with a few of my friends last week and now have gotten the opprtunity to write it out. In the last few months and in specific the recent weeks, the airwaves have been flooded with reports on crimes and more crimes. Though I fully understand and know it is the duty of the media to inform the public of waht is happening in their own country, I think “the public should not always know where the cat is jumping”.

I think that the escalating crime rate in the country has been propelled by the media. I may be wrong on this but I believe that, the media has told those who have been thinking or wanting to commit a certain criminal activity, that Kenya is a very unsafe country. The reports in the media have given people with ill motives leeway to think they can do all they want and get away with it. The media reports have placed the Kenyan security system at a questionable position though this may not necessarily be the case.

And this is not the only issue that I think the media has propelled to greater heights. Issues of corruption, underage rape, underage prostitution and other social vicesalways seem to be on an increase anytime that the media highlight the virgin issues. You may argue that this could be because more reports come into the open but I dont think is entirely the case.

The reason why I have come to this conclusion is because after we highlighted cases of crime around my campus in the university newspaper I am nurturing my skills in, crime cases became an every week if not every day occurence. As the editor am now very careful on how I treat and highlight these reports.

Those of us in the media should be careful not to make the society look so vunerable to just a few individuals who would want this to be the case. The media has to safeguard its readers, who are the society, from such kind of interpretation especially in a country where the media is one of the most trusted entities.


One thought on “Media Propelling Vices

  1. I understand your view but what you suggest is that the Media abandon its role to inform the public in the hope that this vice will just go away quietly. If anything, highlighting these problems should serve notice to the government, or in your case, the governing authority, that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. What I believe the media has not done enough of however, is highlight the cases in which the issue has been dealt with comprehensively in order to send a message to aspiring crime-doers. Lest I rumble on, let me remind you of Rwanda’s genocide, where the media supposedly turned a blind eye towards what was happening until it had gone too far? Or the twin cases of Kosovo and Bosnia? Or the recent highlighting of the CIA secret prison cases or shedding light on Guantanamo bay? What about Zimbabwe? I think the resultant effects of not highlighting issues in the hope that doing so inflicts more harm, is that we allow these vices to continue to fester rather than deal with them that causing more harm in the long run.

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