The 2006 Last Word…May be..but wait Child Prostitution again?!

There comes a time when an independent young fellow like me has to allow himself to be swallowed by the usual. I will be leaving for my mother’s home (it is not necessarily homes because my girlfriend, Sarah has taught me that home is where my clothes are) before the weekend and so this may be the last post of 2006. So like many Nairobians, I wil go back to where I was born and sees how much has changed or has not (I was last in Nyeri in April).

Before I pay tribute to the past year, allow me to say that I am very dissapointed with myself for talking to much politics in expense of Human interest issues. I promise to improve on that an dpledge to steer away from politics in the next 15 posts that I will put on this blog.

I am very sadened by the UN report that places at 30% the number of Kenyan girls (12-18 years) involved in child prostitution in the coastal beaches. It is even more disturbing thath 38% of those who engage these young souls in this act are Kenyans. And after all is said and done no condom was used in all the recorded cases in the report. This is a very sad fact, and it is high time that Kenyans made the laws against child prostitution more punitive.

Back to my last word. It is has been a successful and eventful year that swept so swiftly that I am even surprised that today is December 19. I would like to thank a close comrade, Jesse Masai for introducing me to this world of blogging. Three years ago, Jesse was in the same position that I hold today in our student newspaper at Daystar and it is out of his constant critic and counsel that I have managed to take these great strides this year.

2006 has been a great year and I would like to thank all those guys who made it possible fot me to enjoy . This goes out to Sarah, my mom, the rest of the team at Involvement Newspaper (Daystar University), those I have worked with in the Corporate Affairs department of the institution, fellow bloggers who left their comment or just passed by, wordpress for hosting me, dot tk for carrying my domain and lastly to my 990 visitors (at the time of this post) who have taken theri rime to read any if not all the posts on this blog. Oliver Says thank you, God Bless you, have a blessed Christmas and a Marvelous start to the year 2007.

Someone has been asking me to show my face (May be they dont know how to look at profiles). I will try run into a cyber to reply to your comments and also tel you of how my christmas will be. I pity my name sakes (those with four legs) as so many of them will die this festive season.

I am out of here…dont eat too much, don’t drink and drive…take care of yourselves.




7 thoughts on “The 2006 Last Word…May be..but wait Child Prostitution again?!

  1. tell that mwangi guy to get himself a blog, and all those other guys at invo. they should read felo’s piece for our mag(coming soon to a table near you)

    Like somebody said up there, lovely couple. Keep the fire burning.

  2. i do wish you a lovely x mas na mwaka mpya wenye fanaka na long live invo retreats i wish they would happen every month see yah

  3. I have come this far in life because of some great men and women who allowed me to stand on their shoulders. Glad I could be of help to you in your journey down this road. Mwathani agocwo! Urathimwo!

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