Congratulations Project Famous

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Valerie Wairimu Kimani for taking home the Mercedes benz and all that other stuff provided by EABL …or is it KBL. Getting through from a pool of thousands of east Africans and getting to the top is not an easy task and I believe that Val (that’s what we call her) worked had.

The keen reader may notice that I have put Val’s second name. I have not been spying on her but it is just to say that we have a history. It is not everyone that has been with a famous person…so I must be lucky. But that besides the point.


Rose Jabali (Joyce Kanema) confronts her daughter, Stella (Valerie Kimani), over her coming home late in Behind Closed Doors, a new feature film by Jane Murago-Munene. Courtesy:

We joined campus (Daystar University) on the same day with Val and we shared a class or two (I particularly remember we were in the same Political Science class). Val is a talented hardworking individual and will definitely do Kenya proud in the showbiz industry.

What can I say but wish her all the best as she continues to venture into this field… by the roadside, Val, I also hope to ride in that merc one of this fine days.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations Project Famous

  1. yes, she is a very talented mucisian, i remember the first i heard her voice, 2004 sometime in August damn i kinda vowed that i’ll stop my birthroom/toilet singing. Go val.

  2. Yup of the remaining contestants she sure deserved it. i felt like Linda lost her spark along the way and alvan got a few horns. she remained constant and modest and funny

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