Its your choice but be informed

I received this today morning and decided to share it with all of us and get to hear what you think. Personally I am waiting until December 2007 then i will make my choice. I think there are more important issue that need to be addressed other than campaigning. Whatever appears here does ntot necessarily reflect the views of this blog.

Have a great read.



Dear Kenyans..

It is good to be objective. It is by being objective that we can be proud of being Kenyans. Subjectivity has turned people into pessimists who cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. This pessimism has been spread to many ignorant Kenyans who have fallen prey of selfish politicians. For example Hon. Musa Sirma was the  sacarstic in his cricism of
the NARC government. But today possibly he has seen that what KANU was saying was impossible e.g free pri. education is now possible. We are no longer kneeling down to donors yet every constituency including Eldama Ravine is getting something. Well done Musa. You can see this now.

However there are some who still can not appreciate any of these goodies yet you cannot trace any performance record when they had a chance. For instance:

(1) Hon. Kamotho was minister for education, transport, local
government, trade, and environment.
What legacy has he left in all these ministries? What can you

Coups in local authorities, chaos in transport, and Oh! What about Karura forest? Hon Michuki was in transport for only two years and he has made history although Hon. Kajwang calls him Muchuki.

(2) Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka has been in parliament since 1988. When expressing himself he has always reffered to himself as a lawyer. As a lawyer he would advise Kibaki should dissolve parliament and call fresh elections. As lawyer he predicted that 2006 would be an year of elections. Kenyans need to see his legal competence in parliament. Dont forget Njoki Ndungu joined Parliament recently yet she will go into history books becauce of her contribution in parliament. Kalonzo needs to understand that kenyans need more of actions and less of empty talk. Again he was minister for foreign affairs, education, environment etc. Tell me something unique we can remember him for.

(3)Hon. Raila Odinga was made minister for energy during the Moi regime. As a minister that time do you remember him beyond landing in Kisumu in a helicopter? Later he was appointed minister for public works. Do you remember him beyond brining down buildings on road reserves? Give performance a chance mheshimiwa.

(4) Hon. Balala was made minister for sports and National Heritage. As minister he could not bring order to KFF. Hon. Maina Kamanda was recently appointed minister for sports and we can see what is happening to sports in this country despite being let down by indisciplined and greedy sportsmen.

(5) Hon. Ruto can be best remembered in 1992 as a Kanu activist. You remember the economy came to its knees as millions of shillings were looted for campaigns and for years Kenyans has paid for this economic crime.
Anything you can remember him for as minister? However within a very short time as minister, Hon. Kirwa has brought sanity in the agriculral sector.

(6)Hon. William Ole Ntimama became minister in 1988. However I tend to remember him more issuing threats and insults than working as a minister. During the Narc era he was minister for public service. Do recall him beyond threatening public servants. In the short period Moses Akaranga has been Minister do you see what he has done?

Actions speak louder than words. We have seen the likes of Munyes, Obocha, Tuju, Karua, Ngilu, Kagwe, Soita……their actions are louder than theit words. We are not blind we have seen and we are not deaf we have heard. Does the ODM have an agenda for Kenya or these people have an agenda for themselves. We can differentiate between competence and incompetence, selfishisness and selflessness. These people are now asking for minimum constitutional reforms yet they rejected a new constitution. Can these people be trusted in their incompetence and inconsistency?


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