Kibaki Does It Again

The news that president Kibaki has rejected the hefty pay rise he received from those Kenyas who only go to work to raise thier salaries did not surprise me. You all thought that Kibaki was to give ODM a weapon to use against him in the coming year? I thinkI must advice the Mathematics professor to review 8-4-4 (0) education system

Kibaki is a wise man and will alway be a “man of the people” even if all other kenyan leaders give their “visionless” visions like the way our friend of Ukambani did. That is another topic for tomorrow.

Kibaki knows very well that those he has to make happy to increase public confidence, are women and the youths (read Jamhuri 2006 speech). We all have to agree that the is a genius when it comes to making the exact right move. (other than the KANU one)I actually thought that Baba Jimmy was reading from the same script that Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus (read NobelWinner 2006) read from as he accepted his award.

From the last two days happenings, Kibaki has scored some good marks. I only wish my mother was a maendeleo ya wanawake something. I would be assured of a better life for me and my community.


2 thoughts on “Kibaki Does It Again

  1. looks like anotherone i have seen called Mke Nyumbani :Todays recipes tomorrows disasters

    2 blood stained ole ntimama pangas
    1 thieving ruto hand(1992 vintage)
    87kgs.of a power hungry raila
    1 Nyanza province size grabbed land from uhuru
    2oz of mutula’s brain(that defended kanu for more than 15 years)
    1/4 pound kalonzos diplomatic dawa
    5 drops of tribal hatred at every press confrence
    3 ounces of wit and headline grabbing antics
    2 scoops of daily standard propaganda
    1 doze of slanted ktn reporting
    4 demonstrations &
    3 secret trips to britain to seek instructions and award future government contracts


    Add all the ingridents into a Bowl of Political Rallies.
    Stir carefully and ask no deep questions. and bake for 3 years

    4 foreign diplomats to give it a scent of legitimacy 10 african diplomats to give it continuental credit ,sprinkled with some remaining ktn slanted reporting ,glazed with an extra schoop of standard propaganda .


    (in small print)
    Consume quickly dont ask important question Now.
    Ask when we are in power fighting over the next MOU.
    Political ideologies and public policies not required .
    Development cannot be garanteed.

  2. I don’t see why “we all have to agree that the is a genius when it comes to making the exact right move”. I, for one, happen to think that he has a genius for sitting on the fence and making no move at all (read General Kigwoya). Going by the litany of broken promises, all I can say to the youth and women is: “Don’t hold your breath.”

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