Before I go

 Happy Jamhuri to all

I was about to shutdown this computer before I realised that I had not wished Kenyans a Happy Jamhuri day. Despite all this Kibaki should not wait for national holidays to give certain directives like he did today. Anyway it is high time that we had the headteachers trained in management.


I especially thank whoever thought it wise to make a statufor Dedan Kimathi. It is high time we appreciated all those who were the real heroes/ heroines of the pre-independence war.


One thought on “Before I go

  1. Hi Nameseks,

    This Jamhuri day just make me feel like being
    a woman bana,
    yaani the orezo decided to throw a surprise
    at all women by promoting Maendeleo ya Wanawake mamas to sit in “meat eating committees” of
    CDF, HIV etc ….

    As if this women had known about the package,
    u know why walikuwa wanashikana mashati a few weeks ago over the polls… yaani.

    sometimes the suprises Kibs throws can make
    a decent man like me be confused for being gay?
    bana i wish i was a leader in Maendeleo ya Wanawake, all that loot is up for grabs…
    the tu sitting allowance for meetings that never
    occured just make me salivate on my own self…

    NAjivunia kuwitness this Jamhuri, KIBs for Orezo bana!!!

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