What I think of Man-U Sunday Victory

I was not very dissapointed by thejmaw.jpg Arsenal vs Chelsea draw on Sunday though I had hoped that Arsenal would have taken all the three points. The reason why I was not so dissapointed is the fact that Chelsea fell two more points behind league leaders Man-U. In short it was Man-U that went home smiling after that game.

I know and it is common knowledge that it can only take a miracle for Arsenal to overtake Man-U in the standings. This also seems to be the case that is becoming of Chelsea, who I must say were outclassed by the young Arsenal team in their own ground. I can’t wait for the return match at Emirates on Saturday, May 5.



Just like Peter Hill repeats now and again, Thiery may be a play maker but he is not Arsenal and so all Gunners haters should not drilling that allegation into us. The latest is that Henry may be out for more than 5 league games but I dont htink that is anything to worry about. He is not the only scorer in the Arsenal team, actually he has 6 goals in the league whilst Van Persi has 5.

Enough said on Soccer. See you at tomorrow night’s Wigan match.


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