Golden boy now selling bunge seats

Mr Kamlesh Pattni now chairman of a political party which is set to sponsor candidates in all the 210 constituecies come next year. The man seen by many as the main architect in the Goldenberg saga that brought Kenya to its knees economically in the early 90s has on Sunday led the signing of the party’s constitution. I just have to put my thoughts on this in here before they erupt in my brain.

First and foremost, I say the government has lost it in registering Mr. Pattni as a leader of a political party when his life is shadowed by such kind of a scandal.

Secondly, Those affiliated to the party should be warned that, with his kind of history and reputation, Pattni will easily use them to get back at Kenyans.

Thirdly, (I know the good book says we should not judge) does Pattni think just because he proclaimed Jesua as Lord over his life so as kenyans can sympazise with him that we will believe him?

Enough said


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