Crazy Frog

This annoting thing has really annoyed me…just breaking the serious mood here…Cheers


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  1. hey oliver. this is the administrator dor the dayo blog page. just to note that we are a number of administrators on our page. (Clearly we cant reveal our identities). I’m the original owner of the page, and am guessing one of the other guys put up the post yesterday (and the previous one). I dont think that was appropriate, and i’ll be removing it right away. I set up the page coz i wanted dayo guys to express themselvs about everything. I happend to give some other guys the admin password, and i guess that’s where i went wrong. I give u credit for coming out and also expressing urself, as everyone is supposed to do on the blog. I do have some little problems with invo and that’s why i put up the first blog when i’d talked about invo, but if u read i also withdrew my comments. I believe that this issue can be sorted out properly without insults. I’ll change the password so that i’m the only administrator, so that i can monitor what is posted. So apologize to the rest of the invo team, but we do welcome your views on the stuff that we post. Our page is like a community meeting place for daystarians so we let people talk. I have a lot of problems with the system and i know other people do too, thus the existence of the page

    I hope we can address our issues but in a less intimidating way.

    Let us know what u think. Thanks again for checking out the blogpage

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