Ati Vote of No-Confidence


You know Kenyan politics never seize to amaze me. Ati now the Kenyan political cry-baby formerly the 2002 fallen Moi project, has given notice of no confidence motion on the government.

Now I may be wrong but I remeber the last time this happend was sometime in the moi era and it was targeted at the then VP, mathematician george Saitoti and it failed. What Uhuru needs to understand is that with the kind of greed and political circus. all MPs want to make enough money to make a comeback in 2007. This having been said, he may vote against the government alone. Unlike him who has a vast of family wealth, most of the MPs especially those allied to the government depend on that salary for their 2007 comeback.

Uhuru has lost enough (even the ECK does not recognize him as the Chair for KANU), he should stick to the ODM circus for now. First he pulled a stupid stunt of biting the hand that put him in the position he is in and now he wants to the kicked in behind by the government that has continued to gain public confidence.

Uhuru should be warned, Kenyans have moved way above petty party politics


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