Yesterday, I attended a function by one of the departments in my insitution to award some guys who had won some certain servant leadership awards. The Student Development Office (the department) has worked very had to make the awrds legitimate as only about 15 people voted for eleven people in the awards. The two winners carried home $1000 (of which $250 does to a charity  of their choice).

I have never been a fan of such awards and I dont think I will ever be as most of them come through a populist vote. Anyway, that’s besides the point.

One of the speakers is a respected don and Dean for the Faculty of Science. Dr. Jon Masso aka Babu gave some very important words which I think would save African leadership. Daktari said, “The world does not need more doctors, engineers, scientists, journalists, et cetera but is in need of more Chritian prodessionals who will go out to serve the world in a different way.”

If these words are backed up by one of the Christian leaders devotion earlier in the ceremony then we would have nothing to worry about when it came to leadership.  Given that most of us that attended the function were leaders, Mr. Michael Chosen who is a Christian Student Leader at the institution shared with us 7 actually 8 Cs of being Agents of Change. He asked us to do the following:-

  1. Be Christ – Centred
  2. Have an outstanding Character
  3. Count the Cost
  4. Contribute to the welfare of others (and you of course)
  5. Be Courageous
  6. Be Committed to your leadership
  7. Be Competent in what you do
  8. Have Compassion for the world

I have from yesterday seen the two as a recipe for proper and intergral leadership in the world.


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  1. Hey,
    You love the populism bit, dont you. The same department whose event you were attending doesnt seem to appreciate it much. SO much so that you should expect a formal protest.
    SO bad too that only a few botheres with the Servant leadership awards when they are such good ideas but not so well managed.

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