Today is campaign day at my university ahead of the general election on Wendnesday November 22. Any of the two days or the day between or that after the elections may give me the last headline for the student newspaper this year. I dont really like the current political atmoshphere here because most of the prime post are going unopposed leaving me with less drama to anticipate for.

The student body is equally uncharged to the characteristics of an African democracy but come election day the unoposed may receive a NO thrashing that may give me an interesting lead story… or what do you think?

But the best part of all this campaign was seeing the politicians out do each other by paying for the best campaign poster. Some of them have actually gone to the extent of diningn with the media just to know how to craft their campaign policies and manifestos.

The slogan s and quotes going with the posters are another story:

  • It is better to die for an idea that lives than to live for an idea that dies
  • Commitment to entertainment
  • Taking academics to new heights
  • linking clubs to the outside world
  • Excellence I can reach,perfection iis God’s business

That all that I can remember for now
Like the Kenya political senario, aliacnces have been formed and mud smearing has happend I now await to hear them make foolls out of themselves this afternoon (3pm Kenyan time) when the promise us piped milk. You know one such fellow stood on the podium last year and told sports fanatics that he would provide pitch side showers ….in a semi arid region.

Thats student politics … the Kenyan way


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