DNG hits back

dng.jpgPicture Courtesy: mwafrika.com

The bad boy of Kenyan gospel music and Kora Award winner, DNG, or as itis on his birth certificate Davidson Ngubiuni, has hit the airwaves with a new track: Watasema Watachoka (click to sample). The track basically seems to be a “punch back” on the Kenyan newspapers and his critics.

DNG who claims the media has not been fair to him in terms of exposing his other life which he admitted to in an interview, has of late been trying to clean up his image and this track with Collo (1/3 of Kleptomaniax)must have been meant to do exactly that.

Personally, I would advice DNG not to go out this way…it is not very “christian-like” (like a friend of mine puts it). This latest track by DNG is in poor taste as it seems like a cowardly hit back to the media nad his crtics which is not a very health thing for a young music career especially in Kenya.

Anyway, all the best to DNG as he trys to get back to the heart…


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