Why I dont trust ODM

If any one asked me today what ODM stands for I wold confidently state: Obnoxious (read horrible) Dysfunctional Movement.
I am thus not surprised by the report by Kenyan police a few hours ago that ODM-K leader, Raila Odinga claims on assasination were a ‘publicity stunt’. This is according to their investigations.
The reason why I dont trust ODM is that firstly, this are guys who in the last six years have shifted from party to party. Up to this particular moment the leaders have literally no “leader” which to me translates to no “vision”.
Secondly, the ODM-K leaders are experts in playing with people’s feelings in the process trying to get “sympathy votes”. Kenyans have been taken for this ride more than once and I dont think they are ready again.
Thirdly, Kenyans have no confidence in most of this leaders. Raila’s advisors should tell him to prepare himself for a showdown in Langata as his constituents are not very happy with him.
Lastly, instead of flying out to beg for campaign funds, these leaders should win Kenyans hearts by begging for development funds.
If I was to vote for a president today, I would vote Kibaki nad for the cabinet…look out for the line up tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Why I dont trust ODM

  1. The people critising ODM(K) and its leaders are wrong because they are blinded by Kibaki`s style of ruling.They might be small fraction of people of have benifitted from Kibaki`s government directly or indirectly.
    The truth is the common man in kenya has`nt seen any improvement in their lifes and poverty still pervails.let the truth be told instead of people having unconstructive politic talk.
    ODM (K) is truly fighting for the common man that`s why some of them sacrificed their ministrial positions for the seek of good governance .

  2. I agree that ODM leadership is made up of visionless power hungry leaders.
    If in fact Raila was pulling a publicity stunt in the name of assasination plot, then Kibaki should have the State file a case against him.
    What was the public supposed to think, that his wife was plotting to assasinate him? Of course not, it was an accusation meant to taint Kibaki and his government’s image. Raila should not get away with stupidity.

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