Same Sex Marriage ….My …..

South Africa’s parliament has voted to legalise same-sex weddings – the first African country to approve such unions. – BBC

 The South African parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill on Tuesday to make the nation the first on the continent to legalise gay marriage. – Reuters
This is what I can only describe as crap. As liberal as I may want to be, same sex marriages are not to be… leave alone to be thought of. As a Christian, I believe that when God created two sexes He knew clearly wht he had purposed for.

For us to go ahead and think that we can decide for him theat what was meant for hus was for us to practice same sex relationships then I think we are totally not in touch with our nature.

Same sex relationships do no involve feeling but just a creation of the two of us. South Africa has today really disgusted me. The day kenya decides to do things this way I think I wil denounce my citizenship if I have to.

I am even now sykeless for 2010… despite sleeping football everyday of the week.


6 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage ….My …..

  1. Thanks cjz. I couldnt put it any better. That’s the reason why I have not responded hashly to the above comments because I do respect people’s beliefs and expect them to express themselves about them.
    @all: I am a firm believe in the freedom of expression and of everything else you deem right but that does not mean that I shouldn’t say when it hurts my intelligence when certain decisions are made.
    By the way I do talk about everything if you have read the rest of the blog.
    This is why I am closing this chapter on same sex marriages coz it cant and shouldnt bring life to a halt.

  2. @Alecxia, AK: Everyone has preferences – we can’t take a position on all the issues facing the world today and the fact that a person expresses his position on an issue doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about anything else. I dont think that Oliver wanted to address issues on hunger or AIDS or some other global malady at this point in time. If that’s what you care about, blog forever on it and donate all your earnings in that direction or even better search for blogs that are passionate on issues that appeal most to you. come on people, let’s respect the right to expression!
    So what are you doing to deal with poverty, AIDS etc?

  3. yea, total hypocrisy! those who will toyitoyi against gays wouldn’t be found dead campaigning against hunger, disease, poverty and other kind of injustices.

    I say to such dudes, channel your energy where it matters!

  4. I don’t get this phobia about gays!

    People could be dying of AIDs, hunger or whatever and no one cares but hey allow 2 dudes or babes to sign a piece of paper (for which they pay levies) whose only benefit is to let the government (Not God, or clergy) meddle in their lives you’ll go up in arms.

    Pure hypocacy

    These guys already allowing abortion or pornography, but nooo gay marriage is what will stop you going for the world cup?

  5. As you can see from my monicker, I am a gay kenyan. What will suprise you is that I agree with you on the same sex marriage issue. Although Iam in a relationship with a man, I dont need a wordly validation of my relationship by getting married to him. Marriage as we know it was principally for procreation and not really companionship. Having me and my partner married is trying to equate our relationship to a hetero one. We do have property together and he is in my will as partner though.

    Where I totally disagree with you is that same sex relationship does not involve feeling. Same sex relationship are based on feeling. Being gay is mainly about attraction( meaning feelings for) the same sex.

    You may have your personal beliefs and I am not here to try and change them, but I am here to enlighten you on facts on being gay, homosexuality, man-to-man sex because although people use these interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

    It might suprise you but not all gay men support gay marriages.

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