Check out the photos

On my site I have a page dedicated for photos you are also free to add your own. Just check them out and tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Check out the photos

  1. Hmmm… interesting… well, I guess it was “Christians” who killed Jews during the Inquisition. So you think the Xtians were right?

    And certainly the Christians who claimed that our forefathers were heathens/pagans… Of course, you probably think your grandfater was a heathen…

    Do not be so quick to judge… let them (gays) be! Hey… let them suffer the tribulations of marriage as we do… LOL…

    Gays are human beings & are possibly far better than the sadisitic “straight” men & women who kill in the name of God(s).

    At one time “Blacks” were considered less than “Human” because of COLOUR. Now you want to taint Gays with the same brush because of sexual orientation?

    Africa has many more pressing problems!

    I support the S.African decision. I am not gay but I believe in FREEDOM.

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