Oh My Tree

At exactly 3:23pm Kenyan time on Friday November 10, I planted a tree during an eventbubbed “adopt a tree” by one of the students clubs in my institution. I am not a member of CODSAD (CommunityDevelopment Student Association of Daystar) but I was on duty taking photos and getting any newsworthy happenings.All I can remember is that I switched off my camera and picked a seedling and palnted it. What remains is for me to take care of it until it can sustain itself.

Daystar University was awarded a Silver Award by the Total Eco-Challenge initiative for its endevours of planting trees in a semi-arid region (Eastern Kenya). This is therefore a continuation of what has been happening in the past.

I have not only responded to Wangari Mathais call of planting a billion trees but have also contributed to a better environment that may see an improvement in climate changes that have affected the current unpredictable weather (if it is not the end of the world).

Tonight when I finally get my body to bed I will pat myself somewhere and say “good boy, you planted a second tree this year”.

Plant a tree today, tomorrow,… just do it before the end of the year.


Thats me planting my tree


Thats me planting my tree again

Other guys in my insitution (Daystar University -Kenya) planting trees


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