Once Upon A Time – Part 1

Two weeks ago I was going through my old paperwork and found very interesting things that I wrote when I was younger than I am today. They experience took me to the days that I was a TV addict and used to watch programmes on all channels … I could actually tell you the exact line up of al stations.

Let me this Morning (Kenyan Time) share with you something I wrote out of my love for TV.

In this Days of Our Lives when the Generations of the Bold and the Beautiful who are full of Passions but not Family Passions become the Young and the Restless on Sunset Beach, we need good Neighbours on Miami Sands when we are Home and Away because all in all the Rich also Cry with a Wild Rose on Melrose Place inside Ocean Avenue riding under the Tropical Heat just like Friends are Looking for Your Love as if you are in the Seventh Heaven amidst Gilmore Girls and the Parkers where Kids Say the Darndest Things with the Hughleys living In the House next to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in Beverly Hills 90210 where even Becker was Once a Thief in the Practice for 24 Night Visions and is now a Fugitive with Ally Mcbeal due to pursuit by the NYPD Blue Top Cops on the Third Watch due to the failure of the Robocop after Reflections of Caroline in the City.

And that is just one of them. I even wrote one on Kenyan programmes (boy didnt I have time those days).

Tukipata Vitimbi na Vioja Mahakamani inatufaa Tushauriane bila Vituko ama tutapatwa na Tahamaki kama Kinyonga kwenye Mawindo ya Tausi bila Kasheshe ya kutokuma na Riziki na Penzi Hatari.

Funny how our brains work !


5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Part 1

  1. that was quite rekindling of the memoirs i hold so dear to me… u know those days watching tv and playing katii was a fundamental human right and whoever meddled with it, was going to be in real drama…
    now keep up the genius man.

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