The Flying Coins

Ok, first apologies for talking about soccer I had promised not to talk about it this week. It is just that today I was editing my university’s newspaper (I am the Chief Editor of Daystar University’s Involvement Newspaper) in the process I was swaping a of last week’s Arsenal’s Champions League match with one of Kenyan girls in Volleyball action in Japan. One Robin Van Persie was taking a header on the photo. It is this action that led me to rember the issue of “flying Coins” that we experienced in last weekend’s premier league games. One was against this van Persie fellow and the poor fellow had to saty on the sideline just to make sure he was fine. The other case was on Fulham’s Claus Jenen at craven Cottage.

I think this is an act that is very uncalled for in modern day football, even Gor Mahia FC (Kenyan Club) fans never carry  stones to the fiels any more.

By the way, the joke of English Football,  former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson may be Ukrainian’s Dynamo Kiev coach. While this has been happening the other joke of English footbal, Former England Captain has declared he can only sign another deal with Real if he gets his ‘place’ back. Like he had one in the first place. You know the mention of any of the two reminds me of this cartoon:



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