I have lost my bet but…

I have a few minutes ago lost a bet on who was to win the NYC marathon. It is unfortunate that countryman, Paul tergat did not do me as proud as I expected but I loved the Kenyans perfomance in the marathon. Five slots out of the top 8 is a celebratable fete. The women too did a great job and I loved that too. I now just wish that out soccerscene could be worth celebrating as the Athletics one.

Speaking of soccer, yes for all those who have been calling me a gooner today, Chelsea has also lost to Totttenham. T least we are not the only ones who lost today. Until next weekend unless otherswise I am not talking about football.

paul-tergat.jpg3. Paul Tergat, Kenya, 2:10:10.

The results

1. Marilson Gomes dos Santos, Brazil, 2:09:58
2. Stephen Kiogora, Kenya, 2:10:06.
3. Paul Tergat, Kenya, 2:10:10.
4. Daniel Yego, Kenya, 2:10:34.
5. Rodgers Rop, Kenya, 2:11:24.
6. Stefano Baldini, Italy, 2:11:33.
7. William Kipsang, Kenya, 2:11:54.
8. Hailu Negussie, Ethiopia, 2:12:12.

1. Jelena Prokopcuka, Latvia, 2:25:05.
2. Tatiana Hladyr, Ukraine, 2:26:05.
3. Catherine Ndereba, Kenya, 2:26:58.
4. Rita Jeptoo, Kenya, 2:26:59.
5. Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia, 2:27:21.
6. Deena Kastor, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 2:27:54.
7. Nina Rillstone, New Zealand, 2:31:19.
8. Lornah Kiplagat, Netherlands, 2:32:31.


3 thoughts on “I have lost my bet but…

  1. Que and the number is increasing

    In 2005 there were as many as 40 Kenyan athletes who had defected.

    They include Bernard Lagat (USA, Wilson Kipeter (Denmark), Wilson Kirwa (Finland), James Kwalia (Qatar), Leonard Mucheru (Bahrain), Abel Cheuiyot (Bahrain, Nicholas Kemboi (Qatar), Saif Saaeed Shaheen {Named by the mother Stephen Cherono} (Qatar)among others.

    A task force that was formed to look into the issue either never worked or never presented its fndings.

    But anyway thats Kenya for you. Maybe we need to form another task force to investigate that taskforce … the kenyan way you know.

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