Thanks Mr. Kamanda

Today I received the best news since the guy who cant kick ball

(see photo attached)

slapped a ban on my country’s soccer. I was extremely happy when this happend and today when a fellow countryman sent packing the genesis of the ban (read Sambu and Co.), you do not need to ask me what I did. You know what is more stupid is, Blatter misses while Sambu just hold it up high. Therefore (off the cuff) Blatter should ban himself from soccer administration.


As mentioned earlier I happen to have a lo-hate realtionship with Kenyan soccer, and my hopes for Harambee Stars doing more than being beaten is nothing more than that, a hope.

Anyway, since the ban soberness has hit the Kenyan soccer chief but I dont think Mr. Kamanda required Blatter to kick our behind for to realise what rots in the Kenyan footbal scene. I support Mr. Kamanda 100% but I hope he will give his interim team straight instruction we do not want a repeat of KFF vs KPL on National TV.

Moving on swiftly… I know the man whose photograph appears below will do me proud during the New York Marathon on Sunday
Need I say moree… may be you do!



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