Cabinet 2007 Part One

Fellow Country Men
I have this morning (having dreamt that I am the next president a few days ago) decided to name my cabinet (more of a drawer) of Ministers. I have also realised that when I came up with this cabinet .. sooorry drawer, it did not just happen to be leaner than nay previous on but just deals with the essentials. Due to my patriotism to myself I have even included my lovely wife in the docket of Home Affairs. Without any further ado, I present my cabinet to serve as long as I am president unless death do us part.

wakasa.jpgVice President/Home Affairs Minister-

paul-tergat.jpgSports Minister – Paul tergat

sk.jpgCommmunication Minister – SK Macharia
conje.jpgDefense Minister – Conjestina Achieng

githongo.jpgSecret Service Minister – John Githongo
ck.jpgEnterprenuership Minister – DJ CK

carol-nyams.jpgPresidential Press Service – Carol Nyams

Okay dont throw stones just because I havent put you on this part one of the cabinet because you may appear in part two


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