Whatever happend

Just a few minute ago I was checkin out one of my fav site http://www.campusvybe.com and fell victim to this photo on the left. It made me remember the KSh. 5o million or so venture by Unilever in the “Sunlight quest for Kenya’s National Dress”.
After I remebered this, I couldn’t resist but ask the question: What happend to the Kenyan National dress?
All I can remember is that guys voted and just when we expected many people to wear the national dress to different social and national event, all I have seen is the same old styles and borrowed styles from out brados and sistos from the westo.
I was just thinking, maybe…just maybe if they gave me a sample of the cloth, I would wear it to various occassions. or better still, they could hire me as a model.
By the way just like it happend during Kenyatta day 2004, exactly 36 days after the national dress was launched, dignitaries (who are more likely to wear the national dress) were in their usual wesstern styles. Has the national dress completely turned into a white elephant?
May be we can find time to answer this questions later on. For now enjoy a collection of Kenyan fashion as it is.:


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