My love hate passion for Kenyan soccer – Part 1

My love hate passion for Kenyan soccer

Fifa’s Associations Committee has recommended that Kenya be suspended from international football for recurrent problems within the country’s game. This or something close to this has been today’s or/and yesterday’s lead (depending from which part of the globe you are in) story on various sports media around the world.

I would be more than happy if we are suspended from international soccer until we can organise ourselves. I have this kind of love-hate passion for the Kenyan football. I actually spend no time following the Kenya Premier League Limited (KPL) league or the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) Premier League.

Kenyan soccer is full of politics and Blatter should have known better if he had followed Kenya politics keenly. MOUs in the Kenyan scenne aare just some other piece of paper work and that includes the Cairo 28-point document signed in february.

Maybe the new suspension may help the soccer scene as it did between June and August 2004, when we were suspended from international football for governmental interference in the running of the sport.

By the way whether we are suspended or not, we will still not make it to the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations leave alone the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Dennis “the Menace” Oliech

This young friend of ours should realise that the future for him at Nantes isn’t that bright as we all expected. May be he should think of starting his own club or an academy back home (or elsewhere) instead of indulging in extravagant ventures.
By the way Oliech, this will be better done fast before those guys who wnat the Ksh. 25Million take it awy from you.
Better still you can enrol yourself for an Online degree or diploma course. They are now very cheap (some a star like you) and do not take so much times.
Remember, if you are a striker, you have to score…otherwise switch careers.

We are on our way…

I am saddened the fact that the referee of our Moscow match had to frustrate we the Euro giants. But to all others who think we are down, I have got news for you. EUFA has declare Arsenal European Champions even before the end of the season
Long Live Arsenal (do people still use this cliche)


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